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About Us

Established by James Sandy, we were formerly called ‘Wollaton Landscape and Gardening Services’ but changed the name in 2012 after the website was built to reflect our growing client base and the wider area we were covering. We were getting many customer referrals who just weren’t sure whether to call us as they thought we would only cover the Wollaton area.

We have, over the years, established a first class reputation for delivering a wide range of garden and landscaping services. We’re a friendly bunch and are always honest, never putting our customers under any king of pressure. We pride ourselves on that fact that over 90% of all our new business derives from recommendations. You can find out a little more about the main people involved in our company below.

James Sandy

James started out as a general gardener in 1999. He started small by delivering leaflets in Mapperley and his client base grew rapidly mainly due to his excellent reputation.


He gained much practical experience and got used to ‘mucking in’ very quickly. However after a brief respite from gardening in 2005 for three years, James realized that outdoor work was indeed the only thing for him, and that rather than garden maintenance, the way forward for him was creating gardens and patios from scratch. This was mainly due to the job satisfaction he gained from creating beautiful surroundings from what was before.

Since 2008 James has had significant training and experience in overhauling and creating patios and gardens.  His naturally artistic nature lends itself to transforming a messy unkept outdoor space into a real family or personal garden to escape to.

David Bird - The Brain

Dave started working with James from 2008 after working together in an office position. It was Dave that persuaded James to get back into what he loved doing. It


quickly became apparent that Dave loves the great outdoors and working with  nature too.

David is also artistically influenced and loves the reward from creating a beautiful outdoor space to relax into.  Dave has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and maintains his interest with occasional contract work outside of landscaping when he has the time. The strong background in analytical mathermatics this has given him can sometimes prove very useful to the team.

Dave wanted to work outdoors and be his own boss and, although he enjoy Engineering, the prospect of being inside an office all day drove him to make landscaping his number one priority. Often described as an engaging, inquisitive and sometimes gregarious character, Dave has a real knack for picking things up very quickly, creating this website being one example.

Often referred to as John Travolta, and not for his dance moves, Joe loves his music and technology. Joe also met James and David whilst feeling stifled in the same office position


as them back in 2008. Although he took a little longer to join us, we all feel that it is quite poetic for us to be in a business together after going through the 9-5 contempt together all those years ago.

Joe is an extremely bright, hard working lad with a very easy going nature. Joe also happens to be our wall-building expert as he gained the qualifications many years ago. Joe was disillusioned with his early career path but now loves just being outdoors and putting his hand towards building great garden spaces.

Joe - AKA John Travolta

If you would like to ask us any questions related to the work we do, who we are, what we can do, how much it will cost, quoting for work etc. please do not hesitate to get in touch

We have been doing this for a number of years now and we’re confident we can answer any questions or concerns you might have. We will never EVER make you feel any kind of pressure to use our services.

We are honest about what we can do and, just as importantly, are well aware of what we are capable of. If, on the rare occasion, we feel that you would be better off in somebody elses hands, we will tell you this and also refer you on to the best man for the job.

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