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We are a friendly bunch mainly consisting of Dave and Jim! If you would like ask us any questions related to the work we do, who we are, what we can do, how much it will cost, quoting for work etc. please do not hesitate.

We have been doing this for a number of years now and we’re confident we can answer any questions or concerns you might have. We will never EVER make you feel under any kind of pressure to use our services.

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Our team of qualified designers can provide you with an exciting design to invigorate your garden.

We will consult with you directly to find out exactly what floats your boat when it comes to outdoors spaces.

We can design spaces that are dynamic and exciting, relaxing and peaceful, or low maintenance and practical, or a combination of all the above, whatever your tastes our designers will consult with you, offer their recommendations and ultimately make them a reality.

We offer a full service from the first consultation, planting, design, build, and maintain (if you require) the perfect outdoor space for you.

Full Garden and Landscape Design

Installed professionally and correctly

David Bird


James Sandy

Founder of Land Escapes

If you would prefer to have your garden designed for you by an expert we offer a complete garden design and/or implementation service.

•  Garden Design Plan. We will strive to do this to your individual requirements with up to three copies. We will be happy to continue improving it after the first initial draft has been created.

•  Design Execution. We have a large number of satisfied customers within Nottingham area and can happily undertake all landscaping and gardening aspects of your design. Once you are absolutely satisfied with the plan drawn out by our design expert our skilled team will execute your plan and transform your garden into a place you can be thoroughly proud of.

•  Trustworthiness. We will always be courteous, timely, punctual and efficient ensuring minimal fuss and disruption completing all work on time and within your budget.

Nottingham Garden Design Services

Here is a summary of how our Garden Design Services Works:

  1. An initial telephone discussion to establish your requirements.
  2. A meeting with our designer in your garden to discuss your requirements in more detail and make initial recommendations. Following this meeting we send you a written brief which outlines the style of the garden with a checklist of features to be included in the scheme. The brief also gives you a cost for undertaking survey work and for drawing up a garden plan. We make a small charge for this initial consultancy. There is zero charge for this work if you decide to go ahead with the work.
  3. Subject to agreement the garden design layout is produced & presented. After your agreement with this layout plan, further detail and planting drawings can be produced if required.
  4. If you would like us to construct the garden we will produce a fully itemised quotation for this.
  5. We agree start dates and time schedule for construction works with you.
  6. A skilled construction team will create your garden to the highest standards.

Notes to consider

The next stage is to present you with a fixed quotation for the design, if this is within your budget a second visit to site is then required to take more accurate measurements from this we will then produce a professional working plan. This involves creating a scaled drawing which can be used during construction to position all of your garden exactly. There no cost to you for a call out quotation and there are never any high pressure sales.

If you would like a quotation or further information on our services please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry.

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Before and After Example

Mr Coghlan - Before

Small Garden Design - Before

Mr Coghlan - After

Finished Design

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Our services include:

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Full garden design case study

In the interest of giving you a clearer idea of exactly what you can typically expect when a garden is designed for you we have provided a full case study example from one of James’s longstanding customers, Miss Seymour. You can view this case study by clicking here.

"James drew up a plan for a traditional English country style garden. He also explained to me very clearly exactly what each part of the plan meant and even included a report that showed pictures of the plants he was using and information about how to look after them. Very good communicator from the start and I never felt in the dark. Great service!." Michael Web, Mapperley.
All of our quotes are free and under absolutely no obligation. We will break down clearly to you exactly what you are paying for including labour costs and individual materials and plant hire. We do price very competitively, even though we often seem to give the impression that we are very expensive.

Derek Maddison (landlord)
I can always relax with Jim doing my garden, safe in the knowledge that he wil get on with the task at hand with minimum fuss and will create me a fantastic garden that any tennant would be proud of.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Samantha Bradshaw
I love what you did with my garden. I was so limited for space it's amazing that you made such a difference.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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